Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 24-30 Summary

This week was a short one. Because of the Memorial Day weekend, our real week didn't start until Tuesday. The week itself was uneventful and normal, and Friday night we went out with friends to eat and then to a local Minor League baseball game. The tickets were free for Military families, so that was great. We had a wonderful time, I'd never been to a real baseball game before (just high school games) and it was SO MUCH FUN. We are planning to go back again soon. Here's how the week went:

Groceries-Household: $0/54*
Gas: $60/74
Cash: $60/60
Misc: $30/30

Total: $68 over budget

*I hadn't planned on buying groceries but since my sister is coming to stay with me next I went and head and bought some. Next week I should only need milk and bread and maybe a few veggies.