Friday, August 28, 2009

Where did August go?

I feel like I completely missed it. This will only be my third post of the month! But don't worry, it's not because I've fallen off the wagon, we've just been busy and away from the house. But we're still plugging along and actually got some great financial news yesterday. I'll post about it later though, as there are still a few things I am waiting on before I post.

So what was great about August?

  • We paid $680 toward debt (including a truck payment and 2 credit cards.
  • We paid off a small credit card( Credit Card #2) and only have one left.
  • We added $150 to sinking funds.
  • We added no new debt.
  • We increased our net worth by over $1000!

And where did we miss?

  • I did use the debit card for a few things totaling $50.
  • We missed our Credit Card #1 payment goal by $100.
  • We went over our gas budget by $40.

So overall it was a great month, especially considering we were both traveling for 3 weeks out of the month!