Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8-14 Menu

Last week went by really fast! It seems like September on just flies by and then it's a new year! We don't have too much going this week, but it's definitely the calm before the storm. Literally, there is a tiny hurricane headed this way. But like I was telling a friend early-this ain't my first rodeo. Growing up in Panama City, Florida I've seen my share and they don't scare me in the least. In fact, I love a good storm! So I'm not planning too much for this week, since it will likely be raining for a couple days. David is off Wednesday for the Marine Corps Birthday (which is the 10th) , and Veteran's Day. Then he has duty again on Saturday, so I don't have to cook either of those nights. Here's the menu:

Sunday: Meatball Soup

Monday: Hotdogs and Tater Tots (We have SO many hot dogs left over from the Halloween party, well be eating them once a week for a while yet!)

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Bread

Wednesday: Out to dinner, probably Applebee's since they are doing a free meal for Veteran's (YAY! Thanks Applebee's!)

Thursday: Pizza (I got a new bread recipe from here: and it makes a great pizza crust. I'm thinking of trying a new pizza each week!

Friday: Beef Stroganoff

Saturday: David has duty, I'll eat left overs or canned soup.

Happy Veteran's Day!!!