Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Plateau?

I think I've hit one. Lately I've just felt like I'm barely treading water. In some ways it doesn't make sense because we're still plugging along, working the budget and paying off debt. But in other ways I feel like we should be doing MORE. I kind of feel like we're doing just enough to make progress, and that we've gotten complacent over the last 6 months. Part of it could be the New Year getting closer, and the anticipation of what we can and will do in 2010. I definitely haven't lost motivation, if anything I have more and don't know what to do with it!

I went over last months numbers and here's is what I think I should focus on in November:

1. Sticking to the menu:
A. Cutting back on the fast food/dinning out.
B. Stop running to the store for chips, soda, eggs, etc., and plan better when I do go.
C. Using what we have in the freezer, and using up leftovers.

2. Using less gas:
A. Make sure I budget enough for the pay period based on that weeks activities.
B. Cutting down on MY driving, and planning lots of errands in one day.
C. Cut back on the trips to the commissary. (100 miles round trip!!)

Ok, so that the game plan for November! Maybe what I need is to get back to the basics and focus on the areas that NEED the most work.


CheapbyChoice said...

I have hit a plateau the last few months, too. It seems like the harder I try to reduce debt, save money, cut back, etc, etc, etc, the more frustrated I get. It seems like it is never enough. I think we bloggers have to stick together and keep encouraging each other. We are doing the right thing. It is just hard sometimes.

PS. I enjoy your reading your blog!

JodieLynn said...

Thanks so much! And I agree, we ARE doing the right thing , and we Bloggers do have to stick together. I spent most of yesterday reading PF Blogs and it really does help so much. Thanks again.