Saturday, July 25, 2009

6 Month Update

So last week I post about looking back on the last 6 months and what we've accomplished. Today, I wanted to focus on what lies ahead in 2009, and check up on my goals.

August: David has a short deployments this month, and my brother homes home from his tour over seas. I'll be spending a lot of time at my parents house, and should be able to pay down a good chunk of debt, since I won't need food and such here. Also, David gets a little more money from his trip. Not much, but every little bit is welcome.

September: I turn 24! And David will be gone and yet another deployment the entire month. I will spend the first part of the month at my parents house to celebrate my birthday, their 25th Anniversary, and attend some local high school football games. (There are few things I love more then high school football!) Again, there will less expenses with Davie gone, and slightly more income, it should be a very good month financially.

October: David will be home the whole time! And will probably submit his package for re-enlistment in the Marines. I am so excited and grateful for another 4 years of secure income!
Financially, not a real busy month. Just the same old grind. I would like to start getting come Christmas shopping done. There are no birthdays or anniversaries this month, but we do have a trip to my parents house planned. Oh, almost forgot! The Marine Corps Ball is this month, so we'll need to budget about $150 for tickets and travel. I am using a dress from a few years back.

November: Will renew tags on David's truck, to the tune of about $100. Not happy about this, but at least I know it's coming and can plan. That money will come out of the "auto" fund. Again, not birthdays or anniversaries, but will continue to shop for Christmas. Also going to my parents for Thanksgiving.

December: CHRISTMAS!!! Hope to have all shopping done by the first week. Aside from Christmas festivities, nothing financial going on, just the same 'ole. I do want to change our TSP (retirement) contributions this month though, since I want to start 2010 with 7% going toward retirement verses the 5% we have now.

And GOALS! How are we doing?

  1. Have 80% of Credit Card debt paid by December 1st. So far we've paid off 55%, and should be able to pay off another 20% in August and September, bringing us to 75% by October 1st and in good shape to reach this goal!
  2. Have Baby EF funded with $1000. DONE and then some!
  3. Have $200 "buffer" in checking account. Currently have $75. Eventually our goal is to have an entire month's worth of expenses always in out checking account. Again, we're in good shape to have this by the end of the year!