Monday, July 20, 2009

A look back...

I started this blog on December 1st 2008. I can't believe it's already been almost 8 months! Lately I have been really motivated, but it hasn't always been that way. Being able to look back on the past few months has help me stay on focused and keep up with my goals. I have learned so many priceless things from other bloggers. I decided now is a good time to look back see how I have changed since there, and where I could still use some work!


  • We have paid off over $6, 600 in debt.
  • We have set up a new cash only budget that is working very well for us.
  • We are following Dave Ramsey's plan.
  • My neighbor has become my best friend, and coupon partner.
  • I am way more organized and prepared then last year.
  • We have a positive cash flow each month.
  • We have savings accounts set up for the pet, gifts, travel, vehicles, and emergency, and they all get money added at least once a month.
  • We have a solid, achievable 5 year plan.
  • We bought a new truck. I know this added to our debt, but we got a great deal and it's under warranty. Our old truck needed over $3000 in repairs, so this was a smart move.
  • At CVS alone I've saved over $1000, I think in total my coupons savings is well over $2000. Next year I will track it better.

Things that still need some work:

  • We did add to our debt by buying a new truck, and while it was the best decision, we still feel it's extremely important that we start now to pay if off early.
  • We can still "cut some fat" from our budget.
  • I would like to increase our retirement savings and open an IRA in addition to our 401k.
  • We need to cut down our traveling to Florida to once a month.
  • I want to track my coupon savings better.

I am excited about the changes we've made this year and proud of all we've done. Thanks for taking this journey with me, and thanks for blogging and giving me ideas and motivation!