Monday, July 20, 2009

I want this!

It's the Kodak Z1015 IS. I've been researching cameras for almost 6 months now. I love taking pictures but currently it's a hassle. My "good" camera's flash bulb went out almost a year ago and I was told it would cost more to fix it then to buy a new one. I can use it for outdoor pictures, but nothing inside, cloudy, or after dusk. For this I use my "bad" camera. It's not awful, just old. It's 6 mega pixels, and no optical zoom. It works, but I really enjoy taking pictures and neither of these cameras fit my needs. So in researching and shopping around I found this beauty. I've played with it in person and have fallen in love. And the best part? Sam's Club has it for $210. My birthday is coming up, so I'm using the money I get, and money I've saved and buying it. In fact, if I save enough between now and then I might get it in time for brother's homecoming! I'll have tons a nice pictures to post on my blog after that. I am so excited!!!


Kim said...

I love my Kodak cameras. I am looking for my third one. My first one used a charging plate, I'd rather use rechargable AAs so I got a new one. The second one was dropped several times in China. Still takes great pictures tho.

Both of them take great movies I think! On my blog you can see firework movies from Disney that I took with my super old one.

JodieLynn said...

Kim, I saw the picture of the camera in your side bar! It's one of the things that inspired me to save up money for it instead of just using my savings! I love Kodak, too. I thought about saving for longer and getting a Nikon, but actually I am very happy with all my other Kodaks in the past, and you can't beat the prices!