Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009: A Look Ahead

I just jotted this down in my "Money" notebook, and thought I'd post it on here, too. It's just a rough idea of the things to look forward to, and plan for in 2009. Again, it's just the highlights that I know I can count on.

Jan: Pretty slow, should be able to save/pay off a lot.

Feb: Sometime this month we should get out taxes done. That money will got to debt.

March: Again, pretty slow. Which is a blessing, it means I can add more to savings, pay more on debt.

April: I *might* quit my job. I really want to. If I can have my debt goal met then I will. My little brother is getting 2 weeks off, before he moves to his next duty station so I want to spend that time with him at our parents house.

May: Slow

June: This will really be an awesome month for us. First off, it's out 5th wedding anniversary!!! And David hits his 6 year mark with the Marine Corps, meaning he'll get another $250 a month. We want to increase our retirement (TSP) by another 2%, being it to 7% of his income. He also gets his annual clothing allowance, (about $350) which will go to debt/savings.

July: David's 25th birthday, also both vehicle tags are due, $100.

August: Nothing much, more saving and more debt payoff.

September: I will turn 24! My goal it to be 100% debt free (excluding David's truck) by my birthday.

October: Debt should be gone, savings should increase as a result. I also need to make sure we have enough in the Christmas account.

November: In November we always cash in our Credit/Debit card points to use as Christmas gifts.

December: Christmas!!!! And gearing up for a great new year and a Re-enlistment!!!!


Jackie @ Save a Dime in '09 said...

Good luck to you! You have some really good goals for your year...I should do this too!

JodieLynn said...

Thanks Jackie! It really helps looking at the entire year like this. I really recommend it.