Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Week 3

I did not fall off the face of the earth. Yet. I was actually on vacation in Chicago. WHY did I leave me warm and cozy south to travel above the Mason-Dixon in the middle of winter? For my wonderful brother of course. He graduated from Navy boot camp on Friday. I had a fabulous time, it was the first time I'd ever left the south. I have tons of pictures and stories, but for now I need to get back on track!

Menu for this week:

Sunday & Monday: Still on vacation.
Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed potatoes, corn.
Wednesday: South Western Burgers, Corn, Peas
Thursday: Jumbolya
Friday: Frozen Pizza
Saturday: Meatloaf, potatoes, peas

Budget: (Not including regular bills, which have already been paid.)
Food: $0 (Being out of town last week, I still have meals I can cook without buying anything. LOVE that!)
Gas: $20 (Once again, because I was out of town, I didn't use any gas, and still have a full tank.)
Cash: $40 ($20 each)
Misc: $50

I have gone over and over this budget, had David look over it and I've gone over it more. I feel like I'm forgetting something because I don't feel like I'm spending enough. I know that sounds crazy, but for so long we've wasted so much that spending just what we need seems odd. But I don't need groceries, or gas and I pulled out our "allowances" already. So let's home it works as planned and I can add all that extra to savings!