Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Wonder that is Kool-Aid.

When I was a little kid we drank kool-aid all the time. DH and I used to drink it a lot too, but slowly we switched to soda. Now I realize neither one is healthy. But, I drink it anyway, and I don't plan on stopping. However, soda gets expensive. I can normally get a 12 pack for about $3.30-ish. I go through 2 a week (GASP, I know, I know!). That's $6.60 a week, $26.40 a month....are you ready? $316.80 a year. David's truck payment isn't even that much. And that' just 2 a week. I could drink more and it's also no counting drink ordered when we dine out, or from the vending machine at work. I know switching ot water would be ideal, and I might try it later on. But for now, we'll be trying to drink more Kool-Aid. For the sake of this post and because I can't remember exactly how much, we'll say a 5 pound bag of generic sugar is $2. A 5 pound bag of sugar hold about 12 cups, making each cup $0.17 each. A packet of Koo-Aid is around $0.20. So for 2 quarts, it will only cost about $.037! Not too back!! Of course, water is free and what I should be drinking, but...we all know how that goes.