Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 2 CVS and Wags

Part of my goal this year is to blog and track more. So here is a recap of what I bought today:


I had already stocked up on the blankets, pens, highlighters, and razors from this weeks ad, I just went in to see what deals I could grab. I got some cheap candy for my brother's stocking. We are taking his presents to him when we go to see him graduate on Friday.

2-little mesh bags of candy-Clearance $0.25 each=$0.50
6-Hershey Santas-Clearance $0.12 each=$0.72
Bobby pins-Clearance $0.65
2-Lip Smackers Clearance $1.39 each -$1/2 MC= $1.78 for both

Used $3 RR, total OOP was $1.01 ($0.36 tax)

Total saved: $11.40

5 Blade Energy drinks= $5
2 Pantene Mouses-clearance $1.25 each, 2-$1 MC=$0.25 (plus $2 ECB, profit of $1.50)
5 PayDay Protein Bars clearance priced at $0.42 each= $2.10
1 Gilette shaving gel clearance priced at $1.80
2-4packs of CVS TP $3.29 each, BOGO1/2 so $4.93 for both, -$3 CVS Q= $1.93 for both
1 Alka Seltzer $4.69 -$1 MC plus 1ECB= $2.69
2 Kids Throat Coolers, $4.99 each= $9.98 -BOGOF Q= $4.99 for both plus $9.98 ECBS, total profit $4.99
1 Rimmel Sexy Curl mascara $7.49
1 Rimmel eye shadow $5.99, but I had a coupon to get it free when I bought the mascara!

Used $5/25 CVS Q
Used $20.19 ECBs
Total OOP=$3.37 ($1.21 tax)
And I got back $13 ECBs