Thursday, December 4, 2008

Budget Blockers

So I've been thinking about what it is that keeps my budget from working. I have gone over and over it and it seems to be a nice, well thought out budget. But I have 3 things that stop me every month.

  1. Dining Out. We are so bad about doing this, and it's 90% my fault. I am forever forgetting to lay out dinner before I leave for work, then coming home and thinking "Oh forget it, lets just grab some pizza." NOT good, and something I am really working on.
  2. Not sticking to my list. Seems like I just can't go into a store and buy what's on my list. I get other crap because I "need" it. Yeah...right. What I NEED is to learn needs from wants.
  3. Shopping at work. I work in retail and when I find a really good deal, I must buy it. As proof, I have a closet full of dirt cheap clothes with tags still on them. Yeah, all great deals, but wasteful if I don't ever wear them.

So there you have it, my Budget Blockers. What are yours?