Monday, December 1, 2008

No Spend Week 1

With today being Monday I thought it's be a good time to start a "No Spend Week". There are a few things I'm going to have to buy this week, but I'm going to list them and try to stick with the list for the rest of week and limit "extra" spending. Tomorrow I'm working a couple hours in the morning, and since I work in the town with a commissary I'm planning on going there to buy what few groceries I need for the week, and to gather more coupons. The commissary is a wonderful place to get coupons. They have P&G, and Military Money, as well as blinkies on tons of items. I've budgeted $30 for that. It won't take that much because my list is extra short this week since we are still having leftovers from Thanksgiving, but I have some Commissary coupons I need to use before the expire, and I could use a few things I know will be much cheaper at the Com. like frozen meals for work. I also have to buy an Ornament for an Exchange I'm having with some friends, and mail that out. I'm budgeting $10 for the ornament and have a coupon for $2 off a $10 purchase at Hallmark. I also budgeted $10 for shipping, so $20 should cover that. I also need to fill up my car, that should be $25.

$30 grocery

$20 Gift, plus shipping

$25 gas

Total: $75

Now, this isn't counting what David might spend, but he generally doesn't spend as much as me because he doesn't by grocery or household needs. This is just my personal challenge, to spend only the $75 or less, and only on the items posted above. I do have a $20 bill in my purse that I'll use for random trips to CVS, and to have in case I really do need something. But NO swiping of the debit card, unless it's as budgeted above. I'll be checking back in nightly.


Frugal Jen said...

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