Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Less is More

I am learning that less really is more. And that sometimes in order to save money you DO have to pass up a great deal. The camera I have been lusting after is on sale at Wal-Mart for $250, plus you get a $20 Wal-Mart gift card with the purchase, making it basically $230. My grandma just gave me $50 for Christmas, and DH got a gift card for $100 from work. Making my OOP $80 for something I've been wanted ALL YEAR. But, I have a camera that works just fine, and I didn't budget $80 for a camera I don't NEED, so I'll pass it up. I want to cry, but I know that this is what being responsible is, and that even though it's a great deal, it's still spending almost $100, which means I didn't save that $100. A sliver lining is that I can add that $50 from Granny to an account and save up for that camera and buy it knowing I saved and planned and worked for it.


Precious said...

Perhaps after Christmas that camera will be even cheaper. Time will tell. I was so happy when a couple of months ago I was able to get my DIL a digital camera that was around 130. retail for $11.99 after sale and coupons.