Sunday, December 28, 2008

January Week1

So technically it's not 2009 yet, but since the 1st falls in this week and David gets paid on Tuesday it's really more like week 1 for us. So here we go! I didn't blog much the last couple weeks, but I did coupon and budget, just didn't have time to blog. David and I were talking today about how much we notice a change since we decided to really start budgeting. I'm excited to see what 2009 can be when we really try.

So, the weekly plan:
Regular Bills $440
Gas $ 50
Groceries $95 (I bought those today, it's high but I was low on meats and went to the commissary to stock up. Next few weeks should be lox because I'm pretty well stocked now.)
Cash $40 (We each get $20 a week for drinks, papers, misc.)
Misc/Entertainment $ 50

Sunday: Tacos
Monday: Frozen Pizza
Tuesday: Shrimp Scampi and garlic bread
Wednesday: Porks chops, potatoes, peas, and bread.
Thursday: Meatball Soup
Friday: Jumbolya
Saturday: Tacos

My goal for this week is to not eat out. I'll check back in next Monday on that!