Monday, December 8, 2008

My Coke Rewards

Do you know about this? I guess I had heard about it, but never really thought too much on it. Let me say, I am a HUGE coke drinker. I easily buy 2-12 packs a week just for myself. I just within the last 2 weeks registered with and have been racking up points. So far, I have 50 points and am saving for more coupons. Wags is having a sale on 12 pack Cokes 3/$10, plus $2 RR and I have a $1/1 MC.That makes the final price about $0.20 a can, which is a good deal itself. Add in the 30 extra Coke points, which can get me another MC and it's quite a deal. I never paid attention to points or store "clubs" before, but I've found recently that they do offer great deals, so check it out!!!