Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Madness

Good Monday morning!!!

I am such an organizing geek, I LOVE when new months start on Monday. It makes everything easy to plan. I am all about routines and Monday starts off a new week of them. I try to follow She has some great ideas. I don't really have problems with clutter because it's just David and I, no kids, and we move every 3 years to a new duty stations. But Marla (the FlyLady) has some great ideas about setting up routines so that you can spend 15 minutes each morning, and never have to "crisis clean". Mondays are "Weekly Home Blessing Hour" where you spend 60 minutes cleaning your house for the week. I love getting up and cleaning first thing Monday morning, and washing away the weekend. It really puts me in the mood to plan for the week.
And speaking of planning-I work what is technically a part time job for a major women clothing store. I say technically because my title is part time, but I average 20-40 hours. Mostly around 30, except with the Holidays right around the corner it has been more. I have always planned our menu 2 weeks at a time, around David's checks. (I need to add, I just started working about a year ago for the first time in our marriage.) So now, I don't know 2 weeks in advance if I'll be home at night to cook or not. This week I am trying something new and planning our menu only 1 week in advance. I have split out monthly food/household budget of $150 every 2 weeks, to $75 a week. I'm going to try this for the next month and re-evaluate on January 1st to see if it works better for us. I am hoping that I can emiminate grabbing fast food because I didn't plan on working and now I won't be home to cook dinner, and wasting food that I bought and has gone bad in the 2 weeks since I bought it. So we shall see. Any ideas? Has this worked for y'all?