Thursday, February 19, 2009

Companies Coming!

Just got off the phone with my Mama, and she and my sister are coming to visit this weekend. My Daddy is on a business trip and won't be home until Sunday night. Mardi Gras is in full swing here and the girls wanted to see some parades. I am extremely close to parents, brother and sister and living 12 hours away from them in NC almost killed me. Now that we live only 4 hours away we try to see each other at least every other week. Even if it is just to meet half way in Mobile, AL on Sundays and have lunch. I will miss this when we move again in 2 years, but for now I couldn't imagine a greater blessing. And that goes back to why I quit my job.
BUT-I do have such a hard time staying within the Spending Plan when they are here. We shop, and eat out, and shop more. It's kind of ridiculous really. And I justify it as "but I love spending time with them"...and that may be. But does "spending time with them" really have to mean "Shop"?
I was talking to David about it and we decided to use our gift certificates to a local restaurant one night while they were here, and other other we'll go watch a parade and picnic on Muffelettas, since it's it Mardi Gras. I'm just going to have to be mindful of what we're doing and find other ways to hang out rather then shop. Maybe a Wii Bowling tournament? Plus, Mama will be here for the kick off of double coupon week at K-Mart so we are planning a big trip on Sunday.