Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb. Week 3 Summary

YUCK. This was a BAD week. BAD. BAD. BAD. But I'm going to be honest and lay it all out here in hopes that next week is better. It WILL be.

Bills: $441 (at budget)
Gas: $80 ($20 over)
Food: $90 ($40 over)
Misc: $109 ($59 over)
Dining Out: $208 ($208 over)

TOTAL OVER BUDGET: $327. I know. Should I give you a moment?

Again, YUCK. Now the break down:

Bills-at budget. On the 15th I pay all bills due in the second pay period. (Ironically, our "bills" each month are low. It's the CRAP that gets us.)

Gas: I don't know why this is high. Prices are creeping back up, maybe I should re-consider the budget for gas?

Food: This is due to 2 random trips to the grocery store in walking distance to my house. Naturally it's a "fancy" store with high prices. Each trip cost $20 this week. That is NUTS and can't happen!

Misc: is over because DH surprised me with roses on V-Day. Very nice, but also $85. I haven't said a word to him, and won't. It was nice, and we'll leave it be.

Dining Out: This is NO budget for this, since it's *supposed* to fall until "Misc". Accept when you WASTE $208 on it. Then it because a monster of it's own. I know why we overspent, and there are 2 reasons. First being my Mom and Sister were here, and we went out to eat twice and had ice cream, the other is that since I put in my notice at work this have been stressful there to say the least and I have the mentality that I "deserve" to go out after a long day rather then cook and clean up after. But what I really "deserve" is to save for our future and become debt free.

So, on to next week!


Missy said...

Do not beat yourself up! It is a new week you can start over! It does sound like you had a fun week and you got to spend some time with your love ones!