Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekends=Budget Busters

They are real budget killers for me! Lately it hasn't been too bad with Mardi Gras and all the free parades, and the fact that I've been working so much. Normally I am off on Sundays, and it is SO hard to stay on plan. It's the only day DH and I have to do anything together. He's up and gone before me, and since I work mostly evenings and gets only around 11pm, he's already asleep or close to it. Needless to say, on Sundays we like to go out to eat because our one day off together never lasts long enough and we don't want to waste it cooking. And then while we're out we decide to "just get out of the house" which is code for SHOPPING, but neither of us wants to admit it.

I'm committed to trying to find other free or low cost activities. I realize that while I'd love to spend nothing on the weekends that just won't happen. I believe it's Dave Ramsey who said most goals fail because that are unrealistic to begin with. I agree with that 100%, and what to do this the right way, so I'm trying to be realistic and frugal at the same time.
This weekend shouldn't be too bad, since I work 9-6 on Saturday and 10-7 on Sunday. David is going paint balling tomorrow, but that's budgeted since he does it every Saturday with his unit. Today is hard though, since I'm off and David got off work at noon since it's Friday. My parents sent us some money for Valentine's Day so we had lunch at our favorite spot. Tonight is the Moon Pie parade in town, and we're going with all our friends to that, so YAY for free entertainment, and free moon pies! I also found a gift card in David's wallet for Sears/Kmart for $35!!! He thought there was "only a couple dollars on it"! So score for me!!! It was actually $150 that he got from there for being military, and he was able to purchase a GPS for truck for FREE, plus I get the leftover $35. So since I've got the shopping bug this weekend I think I'll take a little trip.


Missy said...

I love your blog!!! My brother in law grew up in Slidell La He is 37 and his name is Greg Dennis we live in Ga

JodieLynn said...

Thanks! We love Slidell, it's so friendly here. My Dad's from GA, what part are you from?

Missy said...

I grew up in Jonesboro (clayton county) I live in Molena now (pike co) and we love it