Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rude Awakening!

I got one this morning! I was researching budget worksheets because I'm trying to find one that really works for me. I printed off several and I am going to use one a week until I find that one that really works, or until I've done enough research to make my own. While googling I found this Monthly Spending Worksheet that I think will be perfect for my end of month totals on general spending.

I went ahead and calculated all the numbers for each week of February. (I know there are still 3 days left in the month, but we both work every day, so I'm sure we're done with the spending, if not, I'll change the numbers.)

I had NO IDEA we spend SO much. Here are the totals for the month, first is actual spend and in green is the budgeted amount.

Groceries: $397.13 $200
Gas: $245.45 $250
Misc: $862.31 $200
Total: $1,504.89 $650

As hard as that is to both see and admit, I did learn a few things. First, I need to track more and compare DAILY what I've spent, verses what I have budgeted. Secondly, I see that we spend a ton during the first week of the pay period, and very little during the second. Probably because of guilt. I really need to learn to get past that "It's payday, and I deserve to go out to eat." NO I DON'T. And lastly, maybe I'm not being realistic with my budget? Gas, obviously is good. And I'm thinking I should break down the "Misc" to really see where it's going. Also, once I quit work in 3 weeks (only 24 days left!) I will have more time to devote to both budgeting and meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping, thus cutting out all the last minute runs to the expensive local market and dining out.

Any thoughts or suggestions?