Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things I Won't Pay For

I was reading a post form Broke Girl over at and she has the neatest post about things she won't buy or pay for, you should really go check it out! I thought I'd do the same things, and also add things that I do pay for, but refuse to pay full price. (I must add that I never say never, and who knows what could happen, they are just things that I generally don't pay for.)

Things I Don't Pay For:

  1. Manis and Pedis-I DIY them.
  2. A land line phone- I don't even use the minutes on my cell, much less a land line.
  3. Lawn Service- I have a husband for that.
  4. General vehicle maintenance (oil changes, tire repair, minor things)- David is a Mechanic by trade so he does all of this.
  5. Pet Groomer-I have a short haired dog, or I'd do this myself, too.
  6. Husband Groomer-due to his job he must keep a very short hair cut. Luckily his friend next door shaves his head for him once a week.
  7. Car wash-I can do it at home for free.
  8. Budgeting Software-I print off worksheets online, or create my own.
  9. Lunches while at work-I brown bag it, and enjoy it more.
  10. Late Fees, or Overdraft charges-I stay organized and use bill pay online to prevent these.
  11. Checkbook registers-I am probably the only person left who still uses these! But you can want into almost any local bank and they had them out for free, verses ordering them online.
  12. Checks-my bank gives them out for free. They are boring and don't have carbon copies, but I don't write checks enough for that to matter.
  13. Pizza delivery fees or tips-I just for get it myself. It's usually faster then waiting or them anyway.
  14. Gym Memberships-a benefit of being a military spouse is that I get to use the gym on base for free. When I can't make it there I have a dog that loves to go on walks.
  15. Movie Rentals-I get a free Redbox Rental every Monday.
  16. Bottled Water-I have a filtered pitcher at home that I fill bottles with.
  17. Ice-I use the ice maker, and save ice in the deep freezer for parties.

Things I Won't Pay Full Price For:

  1. I love CVS and Walgreens, and never pay full price for any toiletries, cleaners, paper goods, make-up, batteries, snacks etc.
  2. I use coupons at the grocery store and can normally save 20% or more.
  3. Books and Magazines-Thrift stores sell the CHEAP, or Amazon.
  4. Any seasonal item-they all go 75% off the holiday, just stock up for next year.
  5. Clothes-I shop off-season and get great deals.
  6. Thrift Stores in general have great home decor, plus I enjoy seeing what goodies I can find there.
  7. Park Admissions-most parks or museums have discount or free days. Check their websites for me details.
  8. Movies-Rarely do we watch movies at the theater, but when we do, we always watch matinees. They are generally at least $2 cheaper.
  9. Candy at movies-that's what big purses are for!
  10. Greeting Cards and Invitations-I make my own using the above mentioned seasonal clearance craft supplies.


Broke but Happy said...

Hi Jodielynn, Broke Girl here.

Thanks for mentioning my post and adding your own "things you won't pay for." Thrilled you enjoyed and shared it. I thought it was a wee bit of a ho-hum post, but have gotten the most interest from that one post.

Well, on another subject: that makes two of us, Miss JL. I, too continue to use a checkbook register and can tell you to the penny exactly what is in my checking account at this moment. I am a super tech-type girl, but there is a time for hardcopy and a time for software, No need to throw everything under the tech bus.

JodieLynn said...

Thanks Broke Girl, glad to hear some one else uses the 'ole fashion register, too. I love your blog, by the way!